Your Guide to the Winter Sweetz Grapefruit Customer

If you want to sell grapefruit, you need to pick a variety your customers will love so they don’t linger on the shelves. One of the problems is that there are so many options out there available to potential buyers.

And what about these buyers? Do you know who they are and their preferences? You’ll need to keep them in mind and choose varieties that are appealing to both existing and potential customers.  

This is where Texas Rio Red grapefruit can be a huge benefit to grapefruit sellers. Our Winter Sweetz grapefruit are sweet, juicy, and a customer favorite. Here’s what you need to know about the Winter Sweetz customer.

Why Do Customers Love Winter Sweetz?

First, Texas Rio Red grapefruit is sweet thanks to the wonderful soil and climate found here in the region of South Texas known as the Rio Grande Valley. Our grapefruit growers work hard to provide an amazing fruit that has quickly become a family favorite. 

Savvy grapefruit wholesalers also know why it’s worth buying up our crop. Customers want to buy local produce whenever they can. So why not support a local Texas grower? Grapefruit sellers just need to make customers aware that they sell local and you can count that plenty of customers will make Winter Sweetz their new favorite grapefruit variety.

Grapefruit Sellers Can Draw in a Younger Crowd

While Texas Rio Red grapefruit is popular with all age groups, they are beloved by a certain segment of the population. Besides health-conscious consumers, younger generations buy grapefruit more often.

Younger consumers also tend to spend a bit more on food and essentials. Offering high-quality fruit will help grapefruit sellers make more money by getting Winter Sweetz in their stores

Let’s break it down by the numbers:

  • 30% of Winter Sweetz consumers are 58 or older
  • 32% of our Texas Rio Red grapefruit buyers are between 38 and 57 years old
  • Consumers 37 years old or younger make up a full 38% of grapefruit buyers

How Often Will Customers Buy Winter Sweetz?

If you’re thinking of buying Texas Rio Red grapefruit, you’re going to need an idea of how often you need to order more. The good news is that Winter Sweetz grapefruit don’t tend to hang around long. Customers love the sweet, juicy taste and come back for more. 

  • Only 4% of consumers never purchase and 14% rarely buy grapefruit
  • 25% of consumers will buy Texas Rio Red grapefruit only when they’re in season
  • About 16% of consumers buy some grapefruit once a month
  • 41% of our consumers will buy Winter Sweetz once a week

Don’t Miss Out: Sell Winter Sweetz in Your Store

Many consumers prefer to buy from local grapefruit growers and smart grapefruit suppliers know to meet that demand. If you want to sell grapefruit, you can’t go wrong with Winter Sweetz. 

While they practically sell themselves, we still have tips and tactics so you can get the most out of offering our delicious citrus. The season lasts from October to April, so you can have fruit on the shelves even when others aren’t. Grapefruit sellers buy up our Texas Rio Red grapefruit for a reason. 

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