The 5 Steps It Takes to Get Harvested Grapefruit to the Store

When it comes to making sure that you get the sweetest and juiciest fruit at your grocery store, we don’t cut any corners. Our grapefruit is not simply harvested, placed in a box, and shipped to the store. We take additional steps to make sure you receive high-quality grapefruit.

During grapefruit harvesting, our pickers check for peak freshness and ripeness. After harvesting, we take further steps to check the fruit and protect our shipment before sending it to the store. Keep reading to learn how our Texas red grapefruit packers make sure we provide amazing grapefruit to you.

1. Cleaning

Once our grapefruit has been graded, it is cleaned to remove any dust, dirt, or other contaminants. You won’t need to wash the grapefruit once you have it at home, but you can run the fruit under running water if you would like an extra rinse. Be sure to never usesoap on a grapefruit you plan to eat.

2. Sorting

After harvesting, the picked grapefruit go through a process called grading, during which they are sorted and checked for quality in size and color, and for any damage to the skin. At this time, we also check for any pests to avoid shipping contaminated produce. 

3. Storing

Following the sorting and cleaning process, grapefruit is placed in storage to maintain peak freshness. Fruit is kept between 50 and 60 degrees to minimize spoilage and maximize shelf life. The fruit is placed in special boxes and stored in a dry area to help prevent mold and bacterial contamination.

4. Transporting

After the grapefruit has been sorted, cleaned, and stored, it is ready to be transported to the store. Boxes of grapefruit are stacked onto cartons or pallets in a truck and delivered to the store. The truck is required to be kept clean and at the proper temperature to make sure the grapefruit isn’t spoiled.

5. Delivery

When the truck arrives at the store, retailers then inspect the fruit to ensure that its quality and freshness has been maintained during transit. Thanks to this inspection process, our produce is only accepted and sold if it meets all USDA quality standards.

6. After Delivery

Although we don’t control how the store preserves and displays our grapefruit, we do provide them with tips on maintaining peak freshness. We encourage retailers to follow first-in-first-out (FIFO) rules, ensuring that all grapefruit on display are fresh. Any grapefruit not on display be stored in a cool, dry place between 50 and 60 degrees. When on display, our grapefruit also needs to be kept in cool, dry areas and away from misting. 

From the Tree to the Store: Winter Sweetz Has You Covered

We work hard to provide you with the best grapefruit, from the planting of sweet red grapefruit seeds to the store delivery. As grapefruit growers at Winter Sweetz, we take pride in knowing our Lone Star fruit is the juiciest and sweetest you can buy. We can help with recipes, picking tips, and more, and show you how our grapefruit is really a cut above the rest


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