What You Need to Know About Selling Winter Sweetz Rio Red Grapefruit

What you choose to sell in your store is a big decision; you have to consider what will be good for business, interest your customers, and help local farmers and growers. Choosing the type of grapefruit you sell is one of these tough decisions, but even though there are many varieties of grapefruit to choose from, the decision to sell Texas Rio Red grapefruit is easy!

Not only is the Texas Rio Red grapefruit a great local option for Texans, but it’s also the smart choice for grocers! Texas red grapefruit is the sweetest and juiciest of all, and is also popular with customers! Keep reading to learn what you need to know about selling Rio Red grapefruit in your store.

How Much Do Shoppers Love Winter Sweetz?

Texas grapefruit shoppers love the sweet and juicy taste of Winter Sweetz grapefruit and purchase them regularly. Some even buy our grapefruit every week! You can find more insights into how often Rio Red grapefruit is purchased by customers in the list below:

  • 41% of Winter Sweetz consumers buy our grapefruit once per week.
  • 16% of our consumers purchase grapefruit once a month.
  • 25% of grapefruit consumers purchase Rio Red grapefruit only when they’re in season.
  • 14% of consumers rarely buy grapefruit, and just 4% of shoppers never purchase grapefruit.

How Old Are Winter Sweetz Shoppers?

Shoppers of all ages can enjoy the delicious sweetness of the Rio Red grapefruit, but the younger generation tends to buy them more often. On average, the younger generation spends more money on food and essentials than the older generations — this is true for grapefruit as well!

  • 38% of grapefruit consumers were 37 years old or younger.
  • 32% of our consumers ranged from 38 to 57 years old.
  • 30% of Winter Sweetz consumers were 58 years old or older

Why Do Your Customer Love Winter Sweetz?

When you decide to sell Winter Sweetz grapefruit, you do your part to support the local Texas grapefruit growers and supply your customers with nutrient-rich produce. Our grapefruit is a cut above the rest because of the way it is grown: our sweet, juicy grapefruit are produced in the fertile-rich soil and subtropical climate of the Texas Rio Grande Valley. Tree-ripened to perfection, Winter Sweetz grapefruit is 7 to 10 times darker than other Ruby Red grapefruit, and the Texas winds give the fruit their characteristic scarring.

Sell Winter Sweetz Texas Grapefruit in Your Store

Many Texas shoppers prefer to support local growers, and selling Texas-grown grapefruit in your store is one way to guarantee their business! Plus, our Ruby Red grapefruit are sure to tickle the taste buds of even the pickiest eaters, and satisfy the cravings of any health-food fanatics!

Our grapefruit season may only run from November to March, but you can keep up to date with Rio Red grapefruit by following our newsletter! When grapefruit season rolls around, let Winter Sweetz provide you with some of the most delicious grapefruit available!

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