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Pink Vs. Red Grapefruit: Which Should You Stock in Your Store?

Grapefruits are a perfect blend of sweet and tart, and stocking them on your grocery shelves is a no-brainer. But with a variety of colors to choose from (pink, red, and white), you want to make sure to pick the one that will make your customers happy.

Find out the differences between pink and red grapefruit to learn which one will come out on top. Once you decide which grapefruit to sell in your store, find a grapefruit supplier to meet your needs for tasty grapefruit!

What Is So Special About Pink Grapefruit?

Pink grapefruit isn’t the sweetest option for grapefruit. In fact, it’s usually a blend of sweet, sour, and bitter, all wrapped up in one fruit. People who like fruit that makes their lips curl may choose these, but those who want something more sweet will turn to other choices.

Finding and identifying pink grapefruit is pretty easy. The skin has a bright yellow color, and the flesh is a light salmon-ish pink. The difference in color inside and out makes pink grapefruit easy to distinguish from other types. If you have pink grapefruit in your store, it most likely came from Florida.

Pink grapefruit is a popular choice with strong selling power, but if you ask us, they don’t beat out the tastiest grapefruits: the Texas Rio Red!

How Are Texas Rio Red Grapefruits Different From Pink Grapefruit? 

Red grapefruits are the sweetest and juiciest of all! They’re the perfect mixture of sweet and tangy, and a popular choice with customers around the country.

Texas Rio Red grapefruits are easy to identify because of their dark orange skin and deep red flesh. They look pretty similar to an orange, but much larger and heavier.

The majority of red grapefruits are grown in southern Texas, home to the sweetest, juiciest, and tastiest variety of all red grapefruits. Red and pink grapefruit may be almost equally sought-after choices, but Texas Rio Red grapefruit wins the popularity contest because of its amazing flavor!

Choose the Juiciest and Sweetest Variety of Grapefruit From Winter Sweetz!

If you’re still on the fence about which grapefruits to sell in your store, you can take our word for it: Texas Rio Red grapefruits are the most delicious, the most popular, and the easiest to identify. And they outsell pink and white grapefruit!

If you’ve decided to sell the wonderful Rio Red grapefruit in your store, you’ll need a grapefruit grower to help you stock up. Grown in the tropical climate with strong Texas winds, our red grapefruits are the juiciest and yummiest. Our fantastic selection of Texas Rio Red grapefruits means you can find the best fruit for your customers!

Are you looking for a red grapefruit supplier for your store? Reach out to Winter Sweetz to become a grapefruit retailer today!

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