How to Sell Grapefruit: Your Rio Red Grapefruit Grower’s Guide

Whether you own a grocery store, restaurant, or smoothie shop, adding grapefruit to your offering is a great way to make new sales and find new customers. By selling only the sweetest, juiciest grapefruit, you can make a name for yourself and stand out from the crowd. The key is Winter Sweetz Rio red grapefruit.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about selling grapefruit from your Texas grapefruit growers at Winter Sweetz.

Who Buys Grapefruit?

Choosing what to sell in your store or dining establishment is a big decision, and getting all the information you can ahead of time can help you make a better choice. Below you can learn more about the habits and characteristics of Winter Sweetz shoppers:

How Old Are Grapefruit Shoppers?

Our shoppers are split almost equally between all ages with just over a third being younger than 37, one third being 38 to 57, and about a third being 58 or older.

How Much Grapefruit Do Shoppers Buy?

Shoppers really love grapefruit: 41% of Winter Sweetz shoppers buy a grapefruit every week! A quarter of our shoppers only buy grapefruit when Winter Sweetz are in season, and 16% buy grapefruit once per month. Meanwhile, just 4% of shoppers said they never buy grapefruit.

Why Sell Rio Red Grapefruit?

There are lots of reasons to love Rio red grapefruit, and your customers are sure to appreciate having them on offer! Below you can check out just a few of the key benefits of selling Rio red grapefruit:

  • A highly nutritious fruit
  • The sweetest variety of grapefruit
  • The juiciest grapefruit on the market
  • One-of-a-kind Texas variety
  • Support local growers
  • Sell fresh fruit during the winter and spring

Rio Red Grapefruit Sales Tactics

Another thing to consider is how you can benefit from marketing featuring grapefruit. Grapefruit is a popular fruit with many passionate fans, and advertising their availability at your store or establishment is an awesome tactic for gaining new customers. A few options for advertising your grapefruit sale, drinks, or dishes include:

  • Samples – You can offer Rio red grapefruit samples to get customers hooked on the sweet, juicy taste!
  • Website Updates – If you have a website, add updates to the homepage advertising your new grapefruit products or items.
  • Print Ads – You can place an ad in your local newspaper or magazine to let customers know about  your Rio red grapefruit sale.
  • In-Store Advertising – Placing signs up in the store can help attract customers to make a purchase.
  • Menu Updates – It’s essential to update your menu with your new grapefruit items.

How to Display Grapefruit for Sale

If you plan on selling fresh grapefruit, the way you display the fruit can play a big role in your sales. To maximize your potential grapefruit sales, follow the grapefruit display tips below:

  • Keep your display clean, fresh, and well-organized.
  • Place the oldest fruit on top to keep your display fresh.
  • Keep the display clear of any spoiled fruit.
  • Maintain a well-stocked display.
  • Cut and wrap grapefruit halves to be sold individually or in pairs.

Buy and Sell Rio Red Grapefruit from Winter Sweetz

No matter what sort of establishment you own, if you sell food, we bet Rio red grapefruit would be a welcome addition! This popular fruit isn’t just healthy, it’s also delicious! From health nuts to foodies, everyone can love fresh Rio red grapefruit!

If you want to learn more about selling grapefruit in your store or restaurant, reach out to your Texas grapefruit growers at Winter Sweetz to learn about our grapefruit season and how you can profit from selling grapefruit.

If you own a grocery store or dining establishment, reach out to Winter Sweetz to talk about how you can profit from selling grapefruit.

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