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Tips and Tricks to Selling Rio Red Grapefruit in Your Store

When you stock Rio Red grapefruit in your stores, you want it to sell well, just like any other product. To make sure your sales grow, it’s important to know your customers and educate them on how great red grapefruit is!

Read on to learn which customers love our tasty and juicy grapefruit, and get some tips on how to sell Rio Red grapefruit in your store.

Get to Know Winter Sweetz Shoppers! 

The Rio Red grapefruit is known as one of the most amazing and delicious grapefruit varieties. Grapefruit lovers know this and seek out our grapefruit specifically because they are sweet and tasty. Many customers come back and buy grapefruit regularly.

  • 41% of customers buy our grapefruit once a week.
  • 25% of customers wait until the Rio Red grapefruit is in season. 
  • 16% of grapefruit shoppers buy Texas red grapefruit once a month.
  • Only 18% of grocery shoppers rarely or never purchase grapefruit. 

Grapefruit is a delicious snack that all ages can enjoy. While 38% of shoppers who are 37 years old or under buy our grapefruit, 32% of consumers are between 38 to 57 years old. And that leaves another 30% of grapefruit shoppers at 58 years or older. 

5 Tips and Tricks to Learn How to Sell Rio Red Grapefruit

Selling grapefruit to some Rio Red grapefruit shoppers is easy since they’re specifically looking for it. But you also want to be able to reach every customer who steps into your store. Use these five methods to showcase your outstanding new grapefruit supply! 

1. Use Multiple Marketing Techniques

You can spread the word about your new grapefruit inventory in magazines, newspaper ads, or social media announcements. You can also display signs around your store—especially near your produce section and the store entrance. 

2. Give Your Customers Multiple Buying Options

Customers appreciate multiple ways to buy items, especially produce. Cut up some Rio Red grapefruits and package them in ready-to-go snacking containers, or add them to your deli menu. This gives customers a healthy and quick option for snacks or meals.

3. Provide Rio Red Grapefruit Samples

Some people have never tried grapefruit or don’t like the bitterness of pink or white grapefruit. Show your customers how tasty, sweet, and juicy our Rio Red grapefruits are by providing samples near your grapefruit display. 

4. Make Your Grapefruit Display Inviting

Customers shop for produce that looks appealing, not old or spoiled. Keep your grapefruit display full of fresh fruit, and you can also cut and wrap grapefruit halves to show your customers how juicy it looks. 

5. Utilize Modern Shopping Trends

You can also attract customers’ attention by using modern technology. Use digital screens, QR codes, and artificial intelligence to create an immersive experience for your customers and spread the news about your newly stocked grapefruit display. 

Sell the Best Grapefruit by Buying From the Rio Red Grapefruit Growers at Winter Sweetz! 

Grapefruit producers at Winter Sweetz work all year to grow the tastiest Rio Red grapefruit. And these grapefruits will speak for themselves! 

Offer your customers an exciting change in your inventory by supplying them with Rio Red grapefruit. Get ready to watch your produce sales grow by reaching out to our red grapefruit growers today! 

Are you ready to sell the best grapefruit? Contact Winter Sweetz to learn how you give your customers the amazing Rio Red Grapefruit! 

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