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How Florida Grapefruits Compare to Texas Red Grapefruits

Want to know the difference between Florida grapefruits and Texas grapefruits? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Winter Sweetz, we’ve got insider intel on all the things that make Texas red grapefruit and grapefruit from Florida so special! 

Keep reading to learn more from our team of grapefruit growers in Texas.

What’s the Sweetness Factor? 

There’s no doubt about it: if you want the sweetest grapefruit, you should go with Texas red grapefruit. Florida grapefruit tends to be more bitter and tart than its cousin to the West. 

Another neat thing about Texas red grapefruit is that they’re known for getting winter wind scarring, and that scarring is a sign the fruit is nice and sweet!

Which Is More Juicy?

Texas Rio reds aren’t just the sweetest, they’re also the juiciest grapefruit around! Now that’s a great fruit! 

Texas red grapefruits get their characteristic sweetness from the rich soil of Texas, the hot and windy weather, and their unique harvest season. Together, this lowers the acidity and bumps up the sweetness of the fruit.

When Can I Buy Them? 

Grapefruit season in Florida and grapefruit season in Texas both depend on the unique climate and soil of each respective state. While both are known for their hot weather, Florida tends to get quite a bit more humidity. In fact, Florida gets nearly twice as much rain as Texas, on average!

Grapefruit Season in Florida

Grapefruit season in Florida ranges from around November to May, with the sweetest fruit being harvested from January to May.

Texas Grapefruit Season

Texas grapefruit season is almost the same as Florida’s, but not quite. Texas grapefruits grow during the hot summer months, soaking up the Texas sunshine. We harvest grapefruit in Texas from about October through April, and you can get the sweetest of our Texas varieties from November to March.

Spot the Difference

Another big difference between grapefruits from Florida and grapefruits from Texas is their color variety. First of all, red grapefruits grow in both Texas and Florida, but most Texas grapefruits tend to be of the red variety, while most Florida grapefruits are pink or white. 

The difference is also true for their appearance. While you can choose a ripe Texas grapefruit based on its happy rosy orange color, grapefruits from Florida tend to be on the yellow to pale orange side. You can also tell the difference between many Florida grapefruits and Texas grapefruits based on their size: grapefruits from Florida tend to be a bit larger than Texas reds.

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We can’t lie, we think Texas Rio red grapefruits are the best, and we aren’t afraid to say so! They aren’t just delicious and nutritious, they’re also the sweetest and the juiciest grapefruit you can get!

If there is anything not to love about our delicious grapefruit, it’s that you can’t get them all year round. Don’t miss out on your chance to buy your own box of fresh Rio red grapefruit from Winter Sweetz! We’ll be available as long as our harvest allows!

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