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Learn how to cut a Winter Sweetz™ grapefruit and free the segmentz!

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Tips & Tricks
The Best Ways to Enjoy Delicious Texas Red Grapefruit

Peel and dig into a juicy red grapefruit for a delicious snack or breakfast.

Drink or use freshly squeezed grapefruit juice within 48 of juicing.

You can mix Winter Sweetz Texas Red Grapefruit juice into sauces for a sweet tangy taste, or chop them into vinaigrettes, sauces, and relishes for a refreshing twist.

Nutritional Value
1 medium grapefruit =
  • 120 CALORIES
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Pick the Perfect Texas Red Grapefruit
How to
Pick the Perfect Texas Red Grapefruit
  1. Look for a Winter Sweetz™ sticker on the fruit. Yup, that’s us. Quite the lookers, huh?
  2. Choose our Texas Red Grapefruits with a red blushed skin that feels heavy for its size. A heavy fruit means lots of juice. We’re not fat. It’s just the awesomeness that swells inside us.
  3. “Tropical Beauty Marks” or blemishes are caused by gentle breezes and don’t affect our fruit inside. See? It really is what’s inside that counts!

When Is Grapefruit Season in Texas?

All good things must come to an end, and that includes the Texas grapefruit season. The grapefruit season in Texas typically runs from October through April, with peak sweetness from November through March.

What Are the Benefits of Eating Grapefruit?

We’re here to tell you that the saying should really be, “A grapefruit a day keeps the doctor away!” Grapefruits come with all kinds of awesome health benefits, particularly for your immune system, heart health, and digestive system. Eating grapefruits has been shown to help people lose weight when paired with a healthy diet and exercise.

Does Grapefruit Burn Belly Fat?

There are a lot of reasons to love grapefruits, but burning belly fat is not one of them. Eating grapefruit alone isn’t enough to burn fat, but adding half a grapefruit to your meals can help support a healthy diet and exercise, making your weight loss efforts more effective.

Are Grapefruits High in Sugar?

If you’re looking for a low-sugar solution to your sweet tooth, Rio red grapefruits are the way to go! So, how much sugar is in a grapefruit? These tasty fruits contain about 11 grams of sugar, which is a little over half the sugar content of your average apple.

Do Grapefruit Last Longer in the Fridge or on the Counter?

Hey, we get it. It’s time to stock up on some grapefruit, but how can I store my grapefruits for longer without them spoiling? If you want your grapefruit to last as long as possible, seal your fruit in a plastic bag and put the bag in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator.

Which Grapefruit Is Sweetest?

Not all grapefruits are created equal: if you’re looking for the juiciest, sweetest grapefruit on the market, you’ve got to go with the Rio red grapefruit. Our grapefruits are sweetened by Texas’ rich soil and winter winds.

Does the Grapefruit Diet Work?

In the past, there have been some unhealthy fad diets based on grapefruit, but we do not recommend following one of these potentially dangerous diets. Still, there is some truth to the grapefruit diet. Science has shown that eating half a grapefruit with meals can help dieters lose weight. The best way to lose weight with grapefruits is by eating half a grapefruit every day alongside a healthy and complete diet and regular exercise.

How Long Do Grapefruits Last?

In a perfect world, our grapefruits would last forever. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and our grapefruit will become too ripe to eat, eventually. If you store your grapefruit in a plastic bag in your refrigerator crisper drawer, you can keep fresh fruit for up to six weeks. If you plan on eating your grapefruit more quickly, they’ll last on the counter for about five days before becoming overripe.

How Can I Tell If a Grapefruit Is Too Ripe?

So, if grapefruits don’t last forever, how can I tell when they’ve gone bad? Generally speaking, a grapefruit is too ripe if it has soft spots. A ripe grapefruit should feel plump and full. Soft spots are a telltale sign that your fruit is overripe. Still, the best way to know when a grapefruit is ripe is by taste.

Who Shouldn’t Eat Grapefruits?

We know it’s unfair, but eating grapefruits might not be a great idea for everyone. Grapefruits can interact with some types of heart medications. If you’re on medication for a heart problem or other condition, you should talk to your doctor before making any changes to your diet.

Is Grapefruit Juice Good for You?

Grapefruit juice contains all the same awesome nutrients as a plain grapefruit, though some of the nutrition is lost in the juicing process. Still, if you’re looking for a delicious and nutritious drink, grapefruit juice has you covered!

Can Dogs Eat Grapefruit?

You love your dog, so why wouldn’t you want to give them a taste of some delicious fruit? Well, you might want to think twice. Dogs can safely eat the flesh of the grapefruit, but in general, we don’t recommend giving grapefruits to dogs as the skin and rind of the grapefruit can be toxic to them.

Is Grapefruit Good for Diabetics?

Grapefruits can be a great food for those with diabetes. Grapefruits have a low glycemic index (GI), meaning they won’t cause a blood pressure spike. The high fiber content of grapefruit also helps slow the breakdown of sugars in the body. As if that wasn’t enough, grapefruits also come with all sorts of other health benefits.

Why Are They Called Grapefruits?

It’s probably crossed your mind that grapefruits don’t really look much like grapes, and that might have you wondering where the name grapefruit comes from. They might not look much like grapes on their own, but spot them on a tree and you’ll tell a different story: grapefruits grow in clusters similar to grapes, and that’s where they got their name.

Does Grapefruit Lower Blood Pressure?

As if there weren’t enough reasons to love grapefruits, they can also lower blood pressure! Still, eating a grapefruit is not a substitute for taking blood pressure medications. Talk to your doctor if you want to learn more about how adding grapefruits to your diet can affect your health.