A grapefruit grower harvesting grapefruit

When Are Grapefruits in Season? Learn From Texas Red Grapefruit Growers!

A grapefruit grower harvesting grapefruit
The red grapefruit season is officially over here at Winter Sweetz, but we’re still hard at work making sure our next season’s fruit harvest is still the sweetest, juiciest around! 

So, when does that season start?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about when grapefruits are in season from your Texas red grapefruit growers.

When Are Grapefruits in Season?

Most grapefruit are harvested during the fall, winter, and spring months, but the specific grapefruit season will vary depending on the state where the fruit is being harvested. This season will also impact how many fruits can be grown in the state. Florida produces the most grapefruit, followed by California, and then Texas coming in third.

When Are Texas Grapefruit in Season?

Texas red grapefruits reach their peak ripeness in December, but the Texas grapefruit season generally lasts from October to April.

When Are California Grapefruit in Season?

California stands out when it comes to the state’s grapefruit season: in this state, grapefruits are harvested from January to August.

When Are Florida Grapefruit in Season?

Florida has the longest grapefruit season, helping to explain why the state is the top producer of grapefruit. In Florida, grapefruits are harvested from September through June. This means that the off-season is only two months long, in the peak of summer.

What Factors Affect the Length of the Grapefruit Season?

The biggest factor that can impact the length of the grapefruit season in each state is the weather. While an unseasonably warm fall might push the season later, an unusually warm spring can also put an early end to the season. In addition, temperatures outside of the grapefruit tree’s preferred range can lead to lower crop yields and damaged groves. This makes the weather one of the most significant factors impacting grapefruit growers across the country.

Where Can I Buy Grapefruit Right Now?

It is currently the beginning of April and, unfortunately, the Texas grapefruit season is at an end. However, you may still be able to score delicious fruit from other states. Currently, both Florida and California grapefruit may still be available at your local grocery store. If you want to be sure you know when the sweetest grapefruits available are back on the market, you should sign up for our newsletter.

Be the First To Know When the Red Grapefruit Season Is Back

The Texas red grapefruit season may be over, but the work here at Winter Sweetz is never done. We are putting all of our energy into caring for our groves and ensuring optimum deliciousness for next season’s harvest. 

If you want to stay up-to-date with the upcoming Rio red grapefruit season, you can sign up for our newsletter today. You’ll get a heads up when our grapefruits are back in stock, and gain access to special deals.

If you want to be the first to know when our delicious Rio red grapefruits are back in season, sign up for our newsletter today!

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