Close-up of a cut Rio red grapefruit.

Choose Grapefruits to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth! But Which Variety of Grapefruits Are the Sweetest?

If you’re looking for a sweet but healthy dessert, or a fruit that isn’t bitter or sour, grapefruits are a perfect choice! But with several varieties of grapefruits to choose from, how do you know which one will satisfy your sweet tooth?

Rio red grapefruits are the answer! They are the sweetest and best-tasting type of grapefruit, after all. With these grapefruits, you can feel healthy and curb your sweet tooth at the same time. Keep reading to find out why the Texas red ranks first in the sweetest grapefruit competition!

Why Are Rio Red Grapefruits So Sweet?

The answer is easy—the deeper the red, the sweeter the grapefruit. Since the Rio red grapefruit is a bold red, it’s a no-brainer that these Texas red grapefruits are a perfect sweet treat! If you’ve ever had white or pink grapefruit, you know they have a more bitter flavor. While those other grapefruits can be good for certain recipes, they sure don’t match the juicy taste of the world’s sweetest grapefruits!

What Makes Texas Red Grapefruits Special?

Texas red grapefruits are a cut above because of the unique growing conditions Texas has to offer. Unlike grapefruit grown around the world, Rio red grapefruit has the benefit of mild winters and warm summers, making the environment perfect for those sweet grapefruits to thrive.

The longer a grapefruit stays on the tree, the sweeter it will become. Most white and pink grapefruits are harvested all summer long and aren’t given the time to turn sweet and tangy. But in Texas, Rio red grapefruits are only harvested from November through March, which lets them soak up that hot summer sun all season long. That means Texas red grapefruit is guaranteed to be sweeter than the rest!

The southern Texas tropical soil and climate also help the Rio red grapefruit become a luscious treat. The strong winds in the area can cause wind scarring, which helps make the grapefruit sweet like no other!

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