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Your Grapefruit FAQs, Answered: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Grapefruit!

The Rio red grapefruit season is just a few months away, and we couldn’t be more excited! To get ready for the upcoming season, we’re answering all of your frequently asked questions about grapefruit!

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Were Grapefruit Brought to America? Or Were They Found Here?

Originating in the Caribbean country of Barbados, grapefruits are a cross between an orange and another citrus fruit called a pomelo. Grapefruit cultivation first gained popularity in Mexico before coming to the U.S. in the early 1800s. However, U.S. grapefruit growing didn’t take off right away as consumers didn’t enjoy the bitterness of grapefruit at the time. 

While the story of the first grapefruit growers varies, sources agree that the first grapefruit grove in Texas was planted in 1893.

Which Grapefruit Is the Sweetest?

Grapefruit is known for its bitter, tangy taste, but not all grapefruit will make your lips pucker. The truth is, some grapefruit are incredibly sweet! If you’re looking for the sweetest grapefruit out of the bunch, go for a Texas red grapefruit. 

Most grapefruit come in two varieties: red or pink, and pink is far and away the sweeter of the two.

For an especially sweet grapefruit, you really can’t get anything better than a Winter Sweetz Rio red! Our grapefruit are grown and harvested in Texas’ unique climate, giving them the winter scarring and winter harvest that makes them so very sweet.

Which State Grows the Most Grapefruit?

Florida is the top-producing state for grapefruit, followed by California, and then Texas in third place. In the 2019 to 2020 harvest season, grapefruit growers in the U.S. produced more than 580 metric tons of grapefruits.

Using an average weight for grapefruits of 200 grams, that means more than 2.6 million grapefruits were grown and harvested during that season!

When Is Grapefruit Season?

Most grapefruits hit their peak ripeness from the fall through the spring, but the range for the harvest season varies from state to state depending on the weather conditions and the type of grapefruit being grown. In Florida, grapefruit are harvested all the way from September through June. This helps explain why Florida grows so many grapefruit.

However, when you look at California, the season is very different: in the Golden State, grapefruit are harvested during the spring and summer, with the season stretching from January to August.

Finally, in Texas, the grapefruit season is at its shortest, ranging from October to April. While this means that we grow fewer fruit compared to other states, it also comes with some great benefits! Our winter harvest helps make Winter Sweetz Rio red grapefruit the sweetest variety you can find!

Get Ready for Grapefruit Season With Winter Sweetz!

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