Comparing Grapefruit and Oranges: Which Fruit Will Come Out on Top?

With the citrus season incoming, you’ll be able to enjoy the delicious taste of grapefruit and oranges before you know it! There are many differences between the two fruits, but the biggest is taste. Grapefruits are a mixture of sweet and tart, while oranges are mostly just sweet.

Since grapefruits and oranges are hybrids of the pomelo, they look similar in shape and skin texture. However, the Rio Red grapefruit is much bigger with dark red flesh, and oranges are smaller and lighter in color. Keep reading to dive deeper into the health benefits, similarities, and differences between grapefruits and oranges!

Round One: Battle of the Vitamins

Vitamins are essential for the body in many ways; they fight off infections, help our blood clot, and help us draw energy from the food we eat. And grapefruit and oranges are packed full of vitamins! When comparing the two, oranges have higher amounts of vitamin C than grapefruit and also have vitamin E, B1, B2, B3, and B9. However, grapefruits have much higher levels of vitamin A. Both fruits have even amounts of vitamin B5, but they’re missing vitamins D, K, and B12.

Round Two: Mineral Match-Up

Our bodies need minerals to build strong bones and teeth, control body fluids, and turn food into energy — and we can find these minerals in grapefruits and oranges! Both fruits have about the same amount of magnesium and zinc, but they don’t have any sodium. While oranges have a little more iron, calcium, potassium, and copper than grapefruits, grapefruits have more phosphorus than oranges. 

Round Three: Fatty Fisticuffs

We may think that fat is bad; however, our bodies need healthy fats to absorb certain vitamins like A, D, and E. Grapefruits and oranges can be excellent sources of healthy fats! Oranges do have a small amount of fat, but grapefruits have more.

Round Four: Find That Fiber

Fiber is very important part of a healthy diet! Fiber helps with two essential processes: eliminating waste, and preventing or relieving constipation. Oranges have slightly more fiber than grapefruits, but the amount is similar.

Round Five: Sugar Sparring

Our bodies need sugar to give energy to our brains, muscles, and nervous system. But getting that sugar from natural sources is best! Both fruits are considered low glycemic fruits, meaning they’re low in sugar. Still, oranges do contain slightly more sugar than grapefruits.

Round Six: Low-Cal Knockout

We need calories to survive! When we eat or drink, our bodies take the calories and convert them into the energy we need to function. Since both fruits are low-calorie, eating grapefruits and oranges is a great way to try and lose weight! Even though grapefruits are bigger, they contain fewer calories than oranges.

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