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Winter Sweetz: Official Texas State Fruit (Kind Of)

OK, so Winter Sweetz isn’t technically Texas’ state fruit, but Texas red grapefruits are. And being that Winter Sweetz are Texas red grapefruits…well…you get the picture.

But that’s right. The big, sweet, juicy, Texas red grapefruits you have come to love have been the official state fruit of Texas since 1993. They were recognized for their amazing deliciousness less than a century after their creation.

Naturally, the good folks here at Winter Sweetz absolutely love grapefruits, and we’d like to share that passion with you. Read on to learn a little more about our beloved Texas red grapefruits.

A Little History on Texas Red Grapefruits

The first reported planting of a grapefruit grove in Texas dates back to 1893. At this time, grapefruits were still of the white variety, which means they were noticeably sour in comparison to Texas red grapefruits. The “Father of the Citrus Industry,” John H. Shary, saw the value of grapefruits and purchased 16,000 acres of land to begin his grapefruit growing operation.

Things were going along their path until 1929 when a new variety of grapefruit was found on a tree in a white grapefruit orchard in McAllen. What was so odd about this fruit was that it was of a peculiar red blush with red-pinkish flesh.

This was to be the beginning of Texas red grapefruit, and all throughout the early 1930s, newer variations emerged that grew pinker and redder.

The Texas Red Grapefruit Industry was born. Now, the fruits can be found under a variety of different names, yet none are as sweet as our very own Winter Sweetz.

Winter Sweetz is the newest, reddest, tastiest Texas red grapefruit out on the market today. It’s grown in the sub-tropical climate of Mission, in the most fertile soil, where sunny weather and tons of care help to ensure the best quality possible.

Becoming a Texas Champion

As popular as Texas red grapefruit was since its discovery, it wasn’t until 1993 that it became the official state fruit, joining the bluebonnet (official state flower), the pecan tree (official state tree), the mockingbird (official state bird), and chili (official state dish).

It was deemed during the 73rd Legislature of the State of Texas that Texas red grapefruits embodied the spirit of the state. The fruit was a symbol of pride because:

  • It was first grown in Texas.
  • It had a special and unmistakable sweetness.
  • It was (and still is) an amazingly healthy fruit.
  • It is the main revenue generator among tree fruits in Texas.

Texas red grapefruits have made their way all the way up to Canada and even overseas. The world is finally starting to get a chance of what makes Texas red grapefruits so scrumptious.

If you wish to try this Texas jewel, ask your local grocer to stock up on Winter Sweetz for the sweetest grapefruit you will ever taste.

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