Can Grapefruit Help Lower Blood Pressure?

Making grapefruit part of your daily diet has copious advantages! It can help your health inside and out!

If you have read our previous articles on the benefits of grapefruit, you should be well-informed on how consuming grapefruit has an abundance of health benefits. Grapefruit can assist those who are trying to lose weight, lower their cholesterol, and want to boost their immune systems

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, affects millions of Americans every year. Having high blood pressure contributes to other health issues, but it can be managed, and grapefruit can be a strong suit for keeping your blood pressure levels at bay. 

Make sure you consult with your doctor before making any major changes to your diet or if you are concerned you may have blood pressure. 

What Is Hypertension?

Hypertension is having high blood pressure. When you have high blood pressure, the walls of your arteries are affected and can lead to complications such as a stroke or heart attack. 

Unfortunately, hypertension has minimal to no symptoms so once again, consult with your doctor if you think you may have high blood pressure. 

Almost half of American adults have high blood pressure but, thankfully, it can be easily treated. Grapefruit is good as part of your diet and maybe an asset for preventing your blood pressure from spiking!

Texas Rio Red Grapefruit and Blood Pressure

There have been studies that have shown a decrease in blood pressure when you consume a grapefruit daily. Sweet red grapefruit isn’t only delicious, but the prominence of potassium balances the harm high levels of sodium can produce.

Grapefruit isn’t the cure for high blood pressure, but it can help as a preventative. Here are a few ways grapefruit can help your blood pressure from spiking: 

  • As previously mentioned, grapefruit can assist with weight loss. If you are overweight you’re at a greater risk of hypertension. Grapefruit is low in calories, is high in fiber, and contains no cholesterol, which makes it a great fruit to help lose weight! 
  • Grapefruit has high water content; it is about 90% water, which can make it an amazing fruit to consume to keep you hydrated. High blood pressure may occur in people who don’t drink enough water and become dehydrated. 
  • The pith of grapefruit is loaded with fiber, so don’t skip out on those perks! People with hypertension can benefit from high fiber diets because of their correlation to help lower blood pressure significantly. 
  • Sweet red grapefruits are loaded with antioxidants! Antioxidants have a tremendous amount of benefits including the possibility of lowering blood pressure. 
  • Vitamin C is also an essential nutrient our bodies need and Texas Rio Red grapefruits can provide you with a hefty dose! A high intake of vitamin C can help reduce a spike in blood pressure, as well. 

Again, if you already have high blood pressure, please consult with your physician before making changes to your diet, especially if you already take medication for hypertension. 

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