Why Winter Sweetz? 4 Big Reasons You Should Stock Texas Red Grapefruit in Your Store

If you own or operate a grocery store, you know how important it is to stock produce that your customers actually want to buy. If you’re looking for a product that’s sure to fly off the shelves, look no further than the Texas red grapefruit!

Keep reading to learn about four big reasons why you should be stocking Winter Sweetz Texas red grapefruit in your store.

1. Texas Grown

Let’s face it: if it’s not from Texas, it’s not the same. Winter Sweetz grapefruit are grown deep in the Lone Star State in Mission. Our Texas orchard is tended by hardworking growers and harvesters; true Texans who are passionate about great grapefruit. 

You can’t find soil anywhere else like you can in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. That’s a big part of why our Texas red grapefruit are so delicious!

2. The Winter Sweetz Season

All grapefruit, no matter which state they’re from, are harvested during specific harvest seasons. For Texas red grapefruit, that harvest season stretches from October through April, with the peak of sweetness falling from November to March. In other words, our grapefruit are grown in the distinctive Texas climate and harvested during the mild Texas winter. 

This winter harvest season is part of what makes our Rio red grapefruit so good!

3. The Sweetest Grapefruit on the Market

Thanks to their special growing conditions in the rich soil and unique climate of Texas, our Texas red grapefruit grow to be the sweetest and juiciest grapefruit you can find on the market today. While grapefruit grown in other states tends to be bitter and a bit dry, our Rio red grapefruit are deliciously sweet and juicy! 

Your customers are sure to love this tasty treat!

4. Winter Sweetz Customers Really Love Grapefruit!

Winter Sweetz has conducted research to determine who is buying our grapefruit and how often. The results show just how much our customers really love grapefruit! 

According to our research, 16% of grapefruit eaters buy a grapefruit every month, 25% buy a grapefruit every season, and a whopping 41% of shoppers buy one every week! That means that you can rely on Winter Sweetz Texas red grapefruit to bring in repeat customers!

5. All Ages Love Rio Red Grapefruit

During our research, we also looked into the age of the shoppers who were buying our grapefruit. Based on the results, it’s fair to say that there are grapefruit lovers in all age groups!

Our results showed that 30% of Rio red grapefruit shoppers are over the age of 58, 32% are between the ages of 38 and 57, and 38% are 37 or younger. That shows that grapefruit fans are nearly equally spread between all age groups!

Get the Sweetest, Tastiest Grapefruit Around With Winter Sweetz Texas Red Grapefruit!

If you own a grocery or health foods store, don’t miss out on the sales boost you could get by stocking Texas red grapefruit! Start selling Winter Sweetz and see the difference!

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