Valentine’s Day Cocktails With Texas Rio Red Grapefruits in the Spotlight

Valentine’s Day is here and, for many people, the celebration isn’t complete without a delicious cocktail (or mocktail) to complement the occasion. When it comes to people’s preferred drink, the options are nearly endless, however, there is one ingredient to make any cocktail a winner!

Of course, this special ingredient is the incredible Texas Rio Red grapefruit, the sweetest and most versatile of all the grapefruits. 

The team at Winter Sweetz is here to offer just a few examples of the amazing cocktails that can be made with this delectable fruit. Once you see an interesting drink combination, remember to buy a bushel of our Texas Rio Red’s so you’ll have plenty when it’s time to celebrate on Valentine’s Day!

A Brief List of Delicious Grapefruit Cocktails (And Mocktails)

The perfect cocktail can make or break Valentine’s Day plans, so we’ve put together some of our favorite cocktails for the holiday! Impress your significant other with any of the following drinks:

Rio Red Tiger’s Blood 

This savory and eye-catching cocktail pairs perfectly with a meal and bites like the animal it was named after. You can even add fire bitters or muddled jalapeños to taste if you like your drinks a little spicy.


  • ½ oz. saké 
  • 3 oz. Rio Red grapefruit juice
  • 1 ½ oz. of lime
  • dash of soy or hot sauce


  • Mix the ingredients
  • Shake them all together over ice and serve
  • Garnish with celery or grapefruit slices

Winter Sweetz Grapefruit Margarita 

Who doesn’t love a good margarita every now and then? Thankfully, there’s a grapefruit cocktail that is sure to suit your margarita needs. Thanks to the Texas Rio Red grapefruits in the recipe, this cocktail isn’t too sour.


  • 2 oz. Tequila of your choice
  • 2 oz. Rio Red grapefruit juice
  • 1 oz. of lime juice
  • 1 ½ oz. of simple syrup


  • Pour ingredients into a shaker over ice
  • Shake until well-mixed
  • Serve in a salt-rimmed glass and enjoy chilled

Salty N Sweet

A simple but reliable cocktail, the Salty N Sweet is your go-to option if you’re ready to sit down and start dinner, the movie, or whatever your plans are for the evening with YOUR sweetheart.


  • 1 ½ oz. gin or vodka
  • 2-4 oz. grapefruit juice (depending on the size of the glass)


  • Pour both the alcohol and grapefruit juice into your glass
  • Give it a good stir so they mix well
  • Once mixed, salt the rim and serve

We hope that these cocktails have caught your attention, and, if not, we always have more options that you can try!

For anyone who wants to join in the fun but doesn’t drink, mocktail variants of these drinks can be achieved by swapping the alcohol for non-alcoholic substitutes or removing them altogether!

The Perfect Drink Starts With a Fresh Winter Sweetz Red Grapefruit

Whether at home or on a surprise getaway, there’s nothing better than a sweet, refreshing cocktail or mocktail that features the Texas Rio Red grapefruit. Make sure you’re stocked up for Valentine’s Day and order plenty of tasty red grapefruits from Winter Sweetz – the number one grapefruit vendor in Texas!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day the right way with the best Rio Red grapefruits in Texas.

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