The Winter Sweetz Buyer’s Guide to Ridiculously Rich Rio Red Grapefruits

As you stroll through your local grocery store and take a gander at all the various grapefruits available, you may be wondering, “How do I know which grapefruit is ripe and ready to eat?” If you have a bad habit of choosing unsavory grapefruits, worry no more! Winter Sweetz™ is here with the perfect buyer’s guide so you always leave the store with a juicy, sweet, delectable grapefruit.

And don’t worry. You might not see any of our scrumptious Texas Rio Red grapefruits at your local grocer right now because they’re growing sweet, soaking in plenty of summer sun, but they’ll be here within the next few months–and you’ll want to know exactly which ones to pick after following the tips on this quick guide. 

The Redder the Grapefruit, The Better

Although the colors of grapefruits can vary, a slight reddish/pink tint is always a good indicator of a deliciously ripe grapefruit. Typically, the redder/pinker the grapefruit, the tastier it will be, and don’t be afraid of a few brown spots and a little scarring. 

In fact, those wind scars you see on some of our Rio Red grapefruit are actually a tell-tale sign of flavor and sweetness. That’s right! In most cases, wind scarring is only superficial and suggests that the fruit inside is tasty and ready to be enjoyed. And because our sweet red grapefruit experts recognize the different kinds and causes of grapefruit scarring, rest assured that only the best in Winter Sweetz™ make it to your table.

Also, if you just can’t happen to find any lusciously-shaded Texas Rio Red and only come across a couple that are still a bit brown, no need to worry. The inside of the fruit can still be ripe and delicious.

The Perfect Shape and Texture of a Grapefruit

People have a tendency of thinking certain fruits should be completely round, but choosing a perfectly circular grapefruit could be a big mistake. Did you know that a ripe grapefruit should actually be slightly oval with a flat top and bottom? That’s right! 

In fact, even if your grapefruit has a bit of an odd shape, scarring, or even a lump or two, that doesn’t mean throw it out. It might actually indicate that these imperfectly perfect grapefruits are actually even sweeter than you might expect. 

So remember, grapefruits that are a bit more oval will have your taste buds singing with delight.

Grapefruits that are ready to eat can be slightly porous, but the smoother in texture and glossier the fruit, the better. When choosing which Winter Sweetz™ Texas Rio Red grapefruit to eat, pick out a fruit that is generally smooth and has thin skin.

How Can I Store Grapefruits to Keep Them Fresh?

Once you’ve picked out an oval-shaped, smooth, red-tinted grapefruit, you’ll want to store them properly to maintain their freshness. Grapefruits stored at room temperature can survive ten days. The fruits can be preserved for more days if placed in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. 

Just keep in mind that a grapefruit is always juicier when at room temperature. You can just take it out of the fridge an hour or two before you plan on eating it. 

The wait is almost over! Winter Sweetz™ grapefruits are almost here. Follow us on Facebook to find out when and where you can find these savory treats.

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