The U.S. Grapefruit Market: Is 2022 the Year of the Texas Grapefruit?

The grapefruit market has seen some dramatic changes in recent years. Not only has the growth of grapefruit been affected, but these fruits have also seen fluctuations in exports, imports, and pricing. But even with these changes, grapefruit is an amazing fruit that has a whole lot to love!

Keep reading to learn more about the changing grapefruit market and why you should choose to stock red grapefruits in your store!

How is the Grapefruit Market Doing?

Market Hits

Last year’s lone star grapefruit season showed a dramatic decline of 49% in production and shipping due to the winter storm that hit Texas in 2021. However, the drop in Texas definitely isn’t the only effect that the market felt: Florida and California also saw a decrease of 16-17% in production due to weather issues and an existing disease still affecting the fruit today. 

A lower supply of Texas red grapefruit will help to boost the demand for these already popular fruit.

Grapefruit Sales

Over the last several years, fresh fruit has seen an increase of 15% in dietary plans! This is because of the fact that as a species we’re continuously learning about all of the health benefits of fruit. While the demand for fruit in diets has been increasing, supplies have dwindled. Despite that, sales have increased by more than 10% over the course of the past two years.

Price Changes

Along with increasing demand, grapefruit has also seen an increase in pricing over the past several decades. In the ‘90s, a pound of grapefruit would cost you about 50 to 60 cents. That amount has more than doubled to $1.25 per pound in 2019. Currently, you may have to pay $2 for a single grapefruit. The price increases have been caused by reduced production, costly transportation, and clogged shipping channels.

Where Texas Grapefruit Fit in the Market

Wind scarring from Texas winds helps make grapefruits from WinterSweetz orchards sweeter and juicier. The next time you’re shopping for grapefruit, take a closer look at the grapefruit’s scarred skin: the more scars the better! 

Because of our strong Texas wind, grapefruits grown on Texas soil are sweeter and juicier than Florida-grown grapefruits. Florida might sell more grapefruit throughout the country, but that just means that Texas  reds are more unique, as well as an especially delicious fruit.

Winter Sweetz: The Sweetest Grapefruits of Them All!

You can’t go wrong when you buy red grapefruit from Texas. With Winter Sweetz, you can find the sweetest, tastiest grapefruits around! 

You can learn more about this juicy fruit, recipes, testimonials, and upcoming season changes from the team here at WinterSweetz. We pride ourselves on our delicious and high-quality Texas-grown grapefruit.

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