The Sweetest Thing

The Sweetest Thing

The Revolution will not be televised but…tasted.

That’s right. We – the delicious little segmentz – have waited long enough to be free and now we are introducing a new website to bring the world the sweetest revolution it’s ever seen.

And we’ve got our eyes set on all those sour imposterz running around masquerading as grapefruits.

WinterSweetz™ grapefruits are everything you expect and then some. Harvested deep down in the City of Mission – otherwise known as the perfect place to soak in all that Southern sweetness – we’ll give your taste budz a good ol’ Texas welcome.

So if you’re tired of being lied to by other grapefruits that talk a big game, but only deliver lip-puckering bitterness, give WinterSweetz™ a try.

And make sure you join the Revolution and visit us here frequently to read some sweet blogs and recipes about the tastiest little segmentz around.

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