Texas Gold: Why Winter Sweetz Texas Red Grapefruits Are Just Better

Being great isn’t easy.

In fact. It’s hard work.

But we wouldn’t have it any other way here at Lone Star Citrus Growers. Our Winter Sweetz Texas Red Grapefruits work hard every growing season, soaking in as much glorious South Texas sun as they can.

While gorgeous tropical weather, perfectly suited soil, and our unbeatable grove care can seem like a walk in the park, Winter Sweetz have to fight for every ounce of their deliciousness.

To transform from a cute little bud into a full-fledged, softball sized grapefruit, our Winter Sweetz must battle against aphids, leaf cutter ants, birds, foot rot, rust mites – and the ever dreaded – citrus greening disease.

Of course, the Lone Star Citrus Growers family is there to protect them every step of the way. And it all starts from the beginning.

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Baby Steps

In order to give our grapefruit trees a wonderful head start, they are raised in a nursery, free from pest. These little saplings spend the first years of their lives living a pampered existence. Enjoying the luxury of constant care and a life free from harm.

The longer these youngins stay in this protective environment, the stronger they become and are able to deal with the outside world.

A Whole New World

After years spent in what is essentially a grapefruit sapling spa, our trees are eager to get out into the real world and get to work. Luckily for them, they still get still get spoiled by our amazing South Texas climate and soil.

While we may not always enjoy the warm weather of Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, grapefruits prosper in these conditions. The fruits reach peak sweetness with hot days and warm nights.

The warm local climate and temperatures of the region help to increase sugars and lower the grapefruit’s acidity. Cooler temperatures, on the other hand, affect the thickness of the peel and its juiciness.

It’s these differences in climate and soil conditions that help to separate Winter Sweetz from the rest.

While California is famed for its weather, the region where grapefruits are grown has much more acidic soil. This combination of factors doesn’t allow their grapefruits to flourish in taste and size like our South Texas fruit.

And while California’s white and pink grapefruits may look prettier on occasion, the old saying still holds true with Winter Sweetz – it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Yes, our fruit may bare the occasional scar because of whipping winds, but the humidity of the area helps to keep our fruits sweet, plump, and juicy.

As a matter of fact, those scars are a good sign of the sugar content.

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Suffice to say, grapefruit may grow a bit easier in other states, but it doesn’t grow as tasty.

Don’t Mess With Texas

It’s no secret that the Texas Red grapefruit is considered the top grapefruit on the market. It’s sweetness and not-too-sour flavor makes it the perfect grapefruit to just peel and eat or segment, as well as for desserts, recipes, and even drinks.

The reputation of our Winter Sweetz grapefruit, and Rio Grande Valley grapefruit for that matter, proceeds us.

We’re right in the middle of growing season and visiting our out-of-state partners to once again remind them of the taste they can’t find anywhere else.

While you might be able to find grapefruits in stock at your local grocery store right now, the best is yet to come.

The Winter Sweetz Texas Red grapefruit still has a couple of months left before you can find us at your local grocers. Our grapefruit reaches peak ripeness during the winter months and are at their sweetest in late winter and early spring.

Don’t worry. It’s only a few more months before the legend is back in town.

Winter Sweetz would like to thank you for your continued support and trust in the quality of our Texas Red Grapefruit.

Be a part of the grapefruit revolution and contact us today at (956) 424-7775 to find out how you can stock our Winter Sweetz.

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