We have really enjoyed the grapefruit. It will be sad not to have them for breakfast. But I understand all good things must come to an end. Is it possible that you could send us an email when next year’s crop comes in? We will promptly place an order at that time.


I love Texas grapefruit, especially this kind. I eat 5 grapefruits Wintersweet a day whenever the local stores have them on sale. May I buy a tree or adopt one from your orchard? What is a minimum order for a whole sale price? I live in Fort Worth, TX. Thank you.

Jaqueline L.

I got a coupon to sign up for the $500.00 gift card and I love your grapefruit very much. I believe its the best I have had all winter and I will continue to get it until the stores don’t have it anymore

Lillian B.

Just wanted to let you know , I just went and bought my second back of Texas Red Grapefruit at the Fry’s Store in Prescott Valley Store No 63 , they are the beast Grapefruit I ever ate , I had never heard of Texas Red Grapefruit . Thank you

Jen Z.

Hello, I was not sure whom I should be contacting regarding the unconditional love my family and I have for Winter Sweetz grapefruit! We moved from Texas about a year ago and we miss being right around the corner from the best grapefruit! So, I was wondering if you all offer anything for crazy awesome fans? Any extra promotional items? Thank you in an advance for your time and consideration. Best Regards,

Douglas G.

Hey Winter Sweetz, loving your grapefruits!! Here in the great north east Burrrr!! Can you help me locate/enter wintersweetz sweepstakes? Warmlly

Gordon W.

The best grapefruit that I’ve ever eaten! Large size, large sections, sweet and aromatic!

Luke L.

Awesome people! Awesome facility!

Peyton F.

Best citrus in the RGV!

Julio C.

Always the best!!