Start Spring Cleaning Off on the Right Foot! Use Winter Sweetz Grapefruit for a Clean Home!

If you’re spring cleaning and looking for an alternative to products with harmful chemicals, look no further than Texas red grapefruit! You can use grapefruit to clean your home without breaking the bank, and if you have grapefruit in your kitchen already, you don’t even have to drive to the store—win, win!

DIY grapefruit cleaning products are a great way to clean and freshen your home. Try one or all of these grapefruit cleaning ideas, turn on your favorite dance music, and finish your spring cleaning today!  

Start With Dusting: Make a DIY Grapefruit Dusting Spray

You’ll want to start spring cleaning by dusting off your fans, shelves, decorations, furniture, window blinds, and anywhere else you see dust collecting. With this quick and easy grapefruit dusting spray, you can leave behind a fresh scent and dust-free zone! 

DIY Texas Red Grapefruit Dusting Spray

First, you’ll want to make your grapefruit essential oil. Then, combine one cup of water, half a cup of distilled white vinegar, two tablespoons of olive oil, and five drops of grapefruit essential oil in a spray bottle. Shake until blended, spray onto a cleaning cloth, and wipe the dust away!

Tackle the Floors: Clean Your Carpets and Floors With Texas Red Grapefruit

Carpet stains and sticky floors are annoying. But you can quickly use grapefruit carpet powder to tackle the stains and Texas red grapefruit essential oil to clean your floors. 

Grapefruit Carpet Powder

Grind two cups of baking soda, two tablespoons of Texas red grapefruit peel, and 20 drops of grapefruit essential oil in a food processor until it resembles a fine powder. Sprinkle it on your carpet and vacuum it up.

Texas Red Grapefruit Floor Cleaner

Mix two gallons of water, half a cup of rubbing alcohol, half a cup of white vinegar, a few drops of dish detergent, and 10 to 20 drops of grapefruit juice in a mop bucket. Mop your floors and then mop again with water as needed. 

Remove Soap Residue and Food Stains: Scrub With a Texas Red Grapefruit and Salt

Your bathroom and kitchen are probably the most used areas around the house, but they can also be the hardest to clean. Fight back with the power of a DIY grapefruit cleaning product.

Grapefruit Cleaning Scrub

Cut a fresh Texas red grapefruit in half. Sprinkle generously with salt and scrub stains or soap residue. You can use this on your tub, sinks, or oven. If the stains won’t lift, sprinkle it with more salt, squeeze grapefruit juice on top, and leave it alone for 5 to 10 minutes before attacking it again with a sponge. 

Freshen Your Linens: Whip Up a DIY Grapefruit Laundry Detergent

From your throw blankets and pillows to your towels and rugs, you can wash your linens with a grapefruit DIY cleaning product. Not only will you be able to enjoy clean linens, but you’ll also get a heavenly fruity fragrance to freshen up your whole home.

Texas Grapefruit Laundry Detergent

Combine six cups of washing soda, 15 ounces of grated bar soap, and the peel from one grapefruit in a food processor and blend until you have a very fine powder. Store in an airtight container and use about three tablespoons for each load.  

Don’t Use Harmful or Smelly Products in Your Home! Make Spring Cleaning Supplies With Grapefruit Today!

Texas red grapefruits are perfect for cleaning your home from top to bottom. But they’re also a healthy and delicious snack when you need a break from spring cleaning. Sweet and tangy, with a great scent for your home, Winter Sweetz grapefruits are perfect on both counts!

Get to work on your spring cleaning projects by making your own DIY grapefruit cleaning products and checking a few tasks off your to-do list.

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