Spring Cleaning the Winter Sweetz Way

Spring Cleaning the Winter Sweetz Way

Sheltering ourselves during the coronavirus pandemic may leave us twiddling our thumbs, but, if we

have to stay indoors, nothing beats a good spring cleaning. And nothing is better at replacing those harsh chemicals of store-bought cleaners than some homemade Winter Sweetz Texas red grapefruit-based cleaners!

These simple cleaners can be made with common household products like salt and vinegar, so they’re perfect for a stay-at-home spring clean. Try making and using a few of these today!

1. Microwave Cleaner

From splashing soup to dripping sweets, there’s all sorts of grime that gets on the inside of a microwave. Spraying certain harsh chemicals on the microwave walls and floor can sometimes score the inner coating. There are store-bought chemicals you can use, but why not stick with a natural method?

Put half of a Texas red grapefruit in a microwave-safe bowl of water, and heat it up for three minutes. Any gunk will be steamed and softened by the grapefruit and water and should scrub right off, leaving a nice citrus scent behind, too!

2. Deodorize Drains

Garbage disposals are great for chewing up organic refuse, but it may not always be so great at staying odor-free. If your garbage disposal is starting to smell a little ripe, toss in a few grapefruit rinds. The rinds will help clear away any debris, and they’ll leave a nice citrus smell behind!

3. Multi-Purpose Cleaners

If you have little ones or fluffy friends running around the house, it’s always a good idea to watch what cleaners you’re using. To make sure your pets and kids don’t wind up with any chemicals on their sensitive skin, you might want to consider switching to a natural cleaner.

This homemade alternative for your multi-purpose cleaner is made by soaking grapefruit peels in a tightly sealed jar full of white vinegar. Infuse the vinegar with these peels for about a month, then remove them. Dilute the cleaner with a bit of water in a spray bottle, and you’ll be ready to clean the whole house!

4. De-Greaser

Grease has a way of getting everywhere, and when it’s there, it never quite goes away. If you’ve got some tough pots and pans to wash, sprinkle some salt on the grease and squeeze some Winter Sweetz Texas red grapefruit juice on top. Let the salt and juice sit for five to ten minutes. Using a sponge, you should be able to easily scrub away all the grime.

5. Cookware Scrub

Speaking of pots and pans, these useful cookwares have a tendency to tarnish and dull easily if they’re made of aluminum, copper, or brass. If you want to give those babies a fresh shine, rub half a grapefruit over the whole dish. Wipe off the juice with a dry washcloth, and watch as the clouding goes away.

6. Tub Scrub

The basic components of a good scrub are abrasive material and acid. For this bathtub scrub, you’ll sprinkle about ¼ cup of kosher salt on half a grapefruit. Use the grapefruit to scrub away rust and other stains in the tub. When you’re done, rinse the tub with warm water. Repeat if needed.

7. Stain Remover

Stain removers are another good type of cleaner to replace with a natural alternative. Using fresh, Texas red grapefruit juice and baking soda, you can replace the harsh chemicals of bleach. Soak any soiled clothes in a solution of baking soda and grapefruit juice for at least 30 minutes. Then toss it in the washing machine like normal, and voila! no more stain.

These Grapefruit-Infused Cleaning Supply Ideas Bring an Interesting Twist to Spring Cleaning

Things may seem uncertain because of COVID-19 right now, and as sheltering in seems to be the solution to curbing the virus, nothing beats doing activities with those you love indoors, so long as you maintain recommended safety precautions. We hope that these items listed inspire you to come up with new, creative activities that include our grapefruit, aside from enjoying their sweet, juicy flavors!


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