Keep Healthy This Winter With Winter Sweetz

Keep Healthy This Winter With Winter Sweetz

As the song says, winter is the most wonderful time of the year! From snow-capped hills to twinkling lights, there are so many things that make the winter months especially bright.

Unfortunately, the winter also brings specific health risks and needs that you should keep in mind.

At Winter Sweetz, our customers are our number one priority. To help our customers stay healthy and safe this winter, we’ve created a handy guide with tips for protecting your health and wellbeing. From the vitamin boost of a sweet red grapefruit to the wellness benefits of meditation, there are many healthy habits to celebrate as 2020 comes to a close.

Know Your Winter Health Risks

The first step to taking care of your health this winter is being aware of the specific risks to your health that are worsened during the winter months. Unfortunately, there are several areas of your health that are especially vulnerable during this time of year, including the following:

  • Mental Health — Seasonal depression and anxiety built up due to a stressful holiday season can both threaten your health in the winter.
  • Activeness and Exercise — People tend to become more sedentary in the winter, falling behind on exercise and staying active in general.
  • Eating Habits — Many of us let our diets slide during the winter months when we celebrate the holidays or are struggling with seasonal mental health issues.

Of course, the danger posed by slacking on these areas of our health is compounded by the other dangers that are heightened in the winter. Namely, flu and cold season both ramp up in the winter, and your body will be less able to protect itself or fight off those illnesses if your immune system is already weakened. 

This issue is even more dangerous in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic far from over in the United States. Experts predict that coronavirus cases may rise with the winter months, and those cases will be accompanied by the country’s usual wave of hospitalizations for severe cases of the flu. As that happens, hospital space will be restricted, and individuals may have trouble accessing the medical care they need. This means that managing your health this winter is truly important.

1. Focus on Wellness

One area that tends to fall by the wayside in conversations about good health is your general wellness. Mental health issues peak for many people during the winter months when sunlight and outdoor activities are reduced, and Seasonal Affective Disorder affects millions each year.

Holiday stress can exacerbate these issues, not to mention a global pandemic. To help maintain your mental health and general wellness this winter, consider incorporating the following habits into your life:

  • Sleep More — To help yourself relax and improve your sleep, go to sleep earlier, and use a winding down period beforehand.
  • Drink Herbal Teas — Lemon and chamomile teas can reduce anxiety and depression while helping you sleep. In fact, make a batch of our soothing Grapefruit Peel Tea with this recipe!
  • Meditate — Meditation and mindfulness, especially going on walks, can help you relax and reduce anxiety.
  • Relaxing Activities — Steam rooms and saunas can help reduce stress, but a long hot shower or bath can also serve as a great substitute.

2. Practice Good Winter Exercise Habits

One good way to keep yourself from slacking on physical activity this winter is to plan out your exercise on a weekly basis. Creating a schedule every week can help you stick to a routine of exercise, even when the winter weather has you feeling a bit lethargic.

Speaking of winter weather, another key to staying active in the winter is indoor exercises. Exercising during the end of the year can be difficult enough, and adding the colder weather to that difficulty makes it even less likely that you’ll stick to your physical activity.

Instead, look into exercises that can be done from the comfort of your home. For example, yoga and strength training can be done indoors while offering holistic exercise.

Finally, if you’re having trouble sticking to an exercise routine during this winter in isolation, consider investing in exercise-tech like a Wii Fit. These devices can help you and the family stick to an indoor exercise schedule while having fun.

3. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Maintaining a good diet can go a long way towards maintaining a healthy immune system that can fight off illnesses. Your immune system is complex, and it relies on many nutrients in order to function, many of which you can find in one of our Texas red grapefruit.

To help keep your immune system strong this winter, experts recommend integrating the following foods into your winter diet:

  • Vitamin C-rich fruits like Texas red grapefruits and oranges
  • Green nutrient-packed vegetables like spinach
  • Inflammation-fighting fiber from oats and nuts (and, of course, grapefruit)
  • Omega 3 fatty acids from fish and plant seeds
  • Immune-boosting mushrooms including button and shitake


Stay healthy and safe this winter and stock up on some sweet red grapefruit! You can find us at any of these stores today, or you can also order online now.

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