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How to Ship Grapefruit Christmas Presents!

If you’re not thinking about what to get your loved ones for Christmas, it’s time to start! Especially if you need to ship gifts to friends and family living far away. If you have a long-distance parent, brother, or girlfriend, finding the perfect gift to send can sometimes be a challenge! 

This year, send them something unique that everyone can enjoy — some juicy, delicious, and mouth-watering Texas red grapefruit! Read on to find out how to ship grapefruit this holiday season so that you can check everyone off your Christmas shopping list! 

Order Grapefruit Online Directly From the Orchard! 

The most convenient way to send your grapefruit gift is to order directly from the orchard. They’ll pick the freshest fruit, package it safely, and ship it to your loved ones. All you have to do is provide the mailing information and pay, then go back to other fun holiday activities!

However, you have to make sure to order on time! Check FedEx’s holiday shipping deadlines to place your order before the cut-off. The deadlines range from December 8th to the 23rd, but remember, Christmas falls on a Sunday this year. If you want your gifts to arrive on Christmas Eve, you may have to pay an extra charge for Saturday delivery.

How to Ship Grapefruit Yourself!

If you want to split your bulk red grapefruit order between multiple family members and friends, you can also ship the grapefruit yourself! Follow these steps to make sure your present arrives safe and sound.

1. Pack Grapefruit in a Sturdy Box!

Once your grapefruit order has arrived and you’ve split it up, it’s time to pick the package. Choose a sturdy cardboard or wooden box to keep your fruit safe. 

2. Make Sure the Grapefruit Is Secure!

Line your box with foam padding or bubble wrap to protect the grapefruit from bruising. You’ll also need room for a frozen gel pad or dry ice to keep your fruit from getting too hot. 

3. Wrap the Box With Brown Paper!

After sealing the box, wrap the package with two pieces of brown paper. The wrapping will make sure that if your grapefruit leaks, it won’t be a big mess for your gift recipient. 

4. Mark the Package and Mail It!

Now you can get a permanent marker and write “perishable,” “fragile,” or “dry ice” on it. And you’re ready to take it to your local post office to mail your Christmas grapefruit gift!  

Before sending, you’ll want to check shipping regulations. Some states prohibit shipping produce due to harmful pests or diseases that may be on the fruit.

Find Your Grapefruit Christmas Gifts at Winter Sweetz!

Send some Winter Sweetz love to your family and friends everywhere this Christmas season! They can whip up some Christmas grapefruit baked goods, serve grapefruit holiday drinks, or eat them as a snack after opening their other Christmas gifts!

With Texas grapefruits, you’ll find the yummiest fruit of all time! So pick up a box to ship to family and friends, or let our team take care of it. With Winter Sweetz’s convenient online option, send your Christmas gifts with a quick click of a button!  

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