How to Ship Christmas Presents: Get the Scoop From Winter Sweetz

Santa isn’t the only one with loads of presents to deliver this holiday: plenty of people will be relying on delivery services like FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to get gifts to their loved ones by Christmas morning.

This Christmas, make sure you’re the VIP of gift-giving with Winter Sweetz’s handy guide on how to ship Christmas presents.

When to Ship Christmas Presents

Don’t worry, if you’re reading this blog after it was published, you probably still have time to ship your Christmas presents on time. While there are other options for shipping, the USPS has some standard dates for when you should ship for Christmas: 

  • The earliest you should ship your present if you want it to arrive as close to Christmas as possible is December 16. 
  • However, you may have until December 21 to ship your present if you’re willing to pay more for priority shipping. 

Keep in mind that most delivery services will not be operating on Christmas Day, meaning the closest day that gifts will arrive will be the Friday or Saturday before Christmas.

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How to Ship Christmas Presents

Now that you know when you need to ship your present, you’ll need to make sure it’s ready for transport. Your preparations will depend on what type of present you’re shipping:

  • Boxed Gifts — Gifts that come in their own box are the easiest to ship. Simply put the gift into a larger box for shipping. You can add bubble wrap or paper for cushioning.
  • Fruit — Carefully dry and wrap your fruit individually in paper before placing them in a box lined with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or foam.
  • Baskets of Fruit — When shipping a fruit gift basket, you’ll need to take plenty of care. Bubble wrap the entire basket, and place that wrapped package inside a box. You can use packing peanuts or paper to fill the empty space in the box.
  • Baked Goods — Keep in mind that your baked goods will need to be able to stay fresh for up to a week before being eaten. Cooling bags may be a good way to prolong freshness. Make sure your baked goods are tightly sealed before wrapping and boxing them for shipment.
  • Fragile Items — If you plan on shipping fragile objects, the key is to use a box that’s big enough for you to fit plenty of packing and cushioning inside to protect the present itself. Make sure the gift is secure in the box.

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