Hop to It: Make a Great Easter Basket with Winter Sweetz™ Grapefruits

Spring is here! And with it, a wonderful opportunity to add some festivity and cheer into a loved one’s life (or into the lives of a few dozen of our closest friends). Now, before you start worrying about spending a small fortune on fancy Easter baskets for friends and family, we here at Winter Sweetz™ have the perfect solution—homemade Easter baskets filled with sweet and tasty Winter Sweetz™ grapefruits.

That’s right! You’ll be wondering why you hadn’t thought of this before. Unbelievable right? You get to save money and shed some spring joy.

What You’ll Need

Making a spring gift basket is a relatively easy process and doesn’t require much materials (in fact, you might have some at home already.) You will need:

  • Scissors
  • The basket (just make sure it’s big enough to hold a Winter Sweetz™ grapefruit or two!)
  • Stuffing (i.e. crinkled paper “grass”) or shredded tissue paper.
  • Cellophane wrap or bag (consider color coordinating to an overall theme)
  • Ribbon to tie the basket closed
  • Winter Sweetz™ grapefruits

Winter Sweetz™ Spring Tip: Consider a theme that matches with the recipient’s interests. Are they health conscious? Why not make it a fruit basket. Do they love to spending the weekend grilling? Include some spices, sauces, and some printouts of Winter Sweetz™ recipes to go along with it. Is your friend a voracious reader? Why not include a small book of poetry. Of course, the gifts you include don’t have to be expensive, because ultimately, it’s the thought that counts. (Don’t forget to toss in some Winter Sweetz™ grapefruits—everybody loves those!)

Preparing a Gift Basket that Will Make Your Loved One Spring for Joy

  1. Set up your work area. A large table with plenty of room is optimal.
  2. Place all of your materials on the table.
  3. Add a layer of tissue paper or stuffing to the bottom of the basket to help prop up items. The amount you need will depend on the size of basket you are using.
  4. Start arranging your items by placing sturdy items in the center. Winter Sweetz™ grapefruits work perfectly for this.
  5. Larger and taller items can be placed behind the center item. Glass items need to be secured and wrapped in tissue to prevent breakage.
  6. Medium-sized items can be placed around these center pieces.
  7. Small gifts can be placed towards the front of the basket.
  8. Use soft items or tissue to fill in any gaps and keep the items from wiggling around too much.
  9. Take a moment to check out the arrangement and make any adjustments as needed. Remember that all items should be facing forward and no price tags should be visible.
  10. Cut out 2 yards of cellophane—or more if needed—and place on table right side down. Cellophane bags are a bit easier to use as you don’t have to eye the amount of cellophane you need or shape it around the basket, but go with whatever works best for you.
  11. These next steps work best with a partner:
    • If you’re using cellophane wrapping, place the full gift basket in the middle of the cutout. Pull up the short sides first, then work your way to the longer ends until you have everything gathered in the middle, and then tie it off with a twist tie or ribbon.
    • If you’re using a cellophane bag, have one person open the bag and roll down the sides, while the other carefully places the basket into the bag. Gently roll the sides of the cellophane bag back up. Use a twist tie to close the bag.
  12. You’re almost done! Next, use the ribbon to make some beautiful long tailed bows. Remember to match the ribbon color with the color scheme of your entire basket.
  13. Feel free to add a small gift tag or card to the front of the cellophane.
  14. Do some last minute touches on your basket by gently pulling up on the top section, using small clear tape to fold away any flaps, and fixing any small changes.
  15. Take a minute to enjoy your fabulous Easter basket before giving it to your friend or family member.

Winter Sweetz™ Spring Tip: Stick around after giving your loved one the spring basket and just maybe they’ll share their Winter Sweetz™ with you. This spring, enjoy some of our sweet segmentz with your friends and family.

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