February is National Grapefruit Month!

February is a month that is the epitome of all things red and sweet! We’re not only speaking of roses and chocolates; February is also a month to celebrate the nutritious sweet red grapefruit! 

Not only is the timing perfect to fit the aesthetic of Valentine’s Day and theme of love, but grapefruits are also great for boosting your immune system and providing you with healthy nutrients your body may need after all the holiday festivities from the previous months.

Especially with COVID still affecting many, it’s best to celebrate this month by keeping your immune system healthy and strong! 

Celebrate National Grapefruit Month!

First of all, who doesn’t like a reason to celebrate? 

National Grapefruit Month is a way to pay homage to a fruit that provides us with a high intake of both vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, and an abundance of other nutrients that keep our bodies healthy, while also providing the delicious sweet and tangy flavors that only a Texas Rio Red grapefruit can offer. 

Grapefruit is also part of almost every trendy diet, they’re vegan, loaded with beneficial antioxidants that can help your skin glow, and keep you healthy from the inside out. 

Box of Chocolates Is Out! Sweet Red Grapefruits Are In! 

February is also a month where we celebrate love and show it by gifting our loved ones with a gift of gratitude.

With a single grapefruit only containing about 52 calories and being cholesterol-free, one may consider sending a basket of sweet red grapefruits instead of a box of chocolate to those who are watching their figures, are trying to maintain their cholesterol, or prefer treats where they won’t have to worry about getting cavities! 

This is a reason why this remarkable citrus fruit has an entire month dedicated to it, and also why it makes the perfect gift for your loved ones! Traditional candies are great, but how many of us have been snacking on the occasional candy since Halloween? Instead, we can snack on a sweet, nutrient-packed treat!

Additionally, gifts that incorporate grapefruits, such as fruit baskets or healthy grapefruit dishes, have the potential of being visually appealing! 

Winter Sweetz National Grapefruit Month Activities 

If you have children at home, we implore you to teach them the benefits of grapefruit with these easy activities. Maybe you will learn something new, too! 

  1. Explore grapefruits – There are so many different ways to enjoy a grapefruit snack! Grab a few Texas Rio Red grapefruits to start with. Peel a couple and slice a couple in different ways. Find out which is your preferred way to munch on it; what parts taste the best to you? If you’re feeling adventurous, add sugar, salt, or any other spice or garnish to experiment with different flavors. 
  2. Add grapefruit to your meals – In previous articles, we’ve shared recipes for meals that incorporate grapefruit that can brighten up flavors and supply you with a nutrient-packed dish! 
  3. History The history of the grapefruit isn’t lengthy but very informative. Learning the history of a fruit that is a staple in Texas can be a great idea to remember where Winter Sweetz™ come from and the benefits of this bountiful fruit. 

Winter Sweetz Would Love for You and Your Families to Celebrate National Grapefruit Month this February!

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