DIY Grapefruit Sangria Christmas Basket

DIY Grapefruit Sangria Christmas Basket

‘Tis the season to get creative with gifts!

Can’t find the perfect gift for that special someone? Why not make it yourself?

People have come to realize that Christmas baskets are an amazing gift. They look pretty, can be relatively inexpensive, come with tons of delicious treats, and give as much joy as a traditional gift.

Several gifts and one basket equals lots of fun.

The good folks at Winter Sweetz would like to present you with this fantastic gift idea: a DIY Grapefruit Sangria Basket! Combine the practicality of a gift basket with the freshness of our Texas red grapefruit and the magic of Christmas.

How It’s Made

The idea is to gift the sangria ingredients and a stylish way to serve it to guests. Therefore, this won’t be your typical basket. Even better, you won’t even actually be using a basket.

Here’s what you need:

  • Winter Sweetz grapefruits
  • Lemons
  • Fresh cherries
  • A bottle of sauvignon blanc (or any white dry wine, a pinot grigio is bound to work great as well)
  • A pretty ribbon
  • A wooden spoon (with a hole in the handle, this is important)
  • A large clear drink dispenser – make sure it’s large enough to place all the items in it

Once you have all the ingredients, go ahead and place them inside the dispenser. We recommend you to start by placing the bottle of wine first, then some cherries, followed by the Winter Sweetz grapefruits and then the lemons.

With the ingredients for the sangria inside, close the dispenser’s lid. Now, pass the ribbon through the spoon’s hole, and tie the ribbon with the spoon on the dispenser finishing it with a bow. You’re done!

Here we listed some basic items and sangria ingredients that are good to use. However, some mint leaves give a delicious twist to sangria, both for the drinks and your “basket.” You can also consider printing out a nice label to go with the ribbon. You could even use a punch bowl and spoon, instead of the drink dispenser.

Have fun!

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