Can Grapefruit Assist in Lowering My Cholesterol?

Sweet red grapefruits are packed with amazing nutrients and antioxidants that can benefit your health in various ways! 

Grapefruit is great for your body, inside and out! This amazing food has been shown to promote healthy and hydrated skin, higher your vitamin C intake, and assist in keeping diseases, such as heart diseases, at bay. 

As always, consult your doctor before deciding on making changes to your diet, especially if you already have cholesterol problems and are on certain medications. 

As previously mentioned, Texas Rio Red grapefruit may assist in keeping heart disease in check. Studies have shown high cholesterol is a major risk of developing heart disease and grapefruit may be an asset in controlling your cholesterol. 

Sweet Red Grapefruit and Antioxidants

An antioxidant is a word we often hear concerning food, health, and how it is beneficial for our bodies. Understanding what antioxidants do is important to know how grapefruit can be good for your body. 

Antioxidants are a substance added or naturally found in certain foods, and help prevent damage to your cells. Vitamin C in foods, such as those found in grapefruits, go hand in hand with antioxidants to eliminate damaging agents. 

In a study in Israel, researchers found sweet red grapefruits, like our Winter Sweetz, contain more antioxidants than white grapefruits. 

How Do Antioxidants and Grapefruit Affect Me?

A medium-sized grapefruit has half the amount of vitamin C you need in a day, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Simply adding grapefruit to your diet can provide a meaningful boost of vitamin C and other antioxidants that can potentially help to fight off diseases. 

The same study showed that including grapefruit in at least one of your meals assists in high cholesterol levels subsiding. 

It is suggested to peel a grapefruit and eat it as if you would an orange, instead of cutting it in half and eating it with a spoon. The reason for this is that the membrane in the grapefruit contains cholesterol-fighting fiber, which is also a great probiotic. 

If you decide to eat grapefruit with fiber membranes, most people prefer not to chill the grapefruit for a sweeter taste. If you don’t have problems with your sugar or sodium intake, using a small sprinkle of sugar or salt can enhance the flavor, too. 


Once again, if you already have high cholesterol levels, please consult your physician before starting a new plan of action. Eating grapefruits with certain medications may have an adverse effect. 


Winter Sweetz Cares About the Health of Families in Our Community

Here at Winter Sweetz, we wish your family a lifetime of happiness! We implore you to get to know how special sweet red grapefruits are and how they can benefit your health! 

Texas Rio Red grapefruits contain an abundance of antioxidants and vitamin C that can fight off harmful cholesterol! Place your order today to get your punch of healthy nutrients!


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