All Grapefruit Are Not Created Equal

All Grapefruit Are Not Created Equal

Grapefruit can vary greatly from size to type, and identifying one that hits that sweet tooth just right as a Texas red can is hard to find. Luckily, we here at Winter Sweetz have put together an overview that compares the three types of grapefruit available on the market while letting you know why our Texas red grapefruits are the yummiest and juiciest money can buy.

Texas vs. California and Florida

Believe it or not, there are actually at least 13 different recognized types of grapefruit. However, we can streamline things by separating grapefruit into types based on where they’re grown. While this may seem like an odd characteristic to judge by, we can actually tell a lot about a grapefruit just by looking at where it was grown.

The majority of grapefruit grown in the United States are grown in Texas, Florida, and California. Due to the differences between the climates and soil of these states, the fruit they produce are all quite unique.

Texas Grapefruit

Texas-grown grapefruit are among the sweetest varieties available. The grapefruit grown in South Texas also have much lower levels of acidity, resulting in sugary sweetness. Texas red grapefruit also tend to have a deeper flavor and thicker skin, and the inner flesh of the grapefruit grown in Texas is red. It is among the most common in the state, and there’s no surprise why given its sweet juicy goodness!

Florida Grapefruit

Florida grapefruit are either pink, red or white,  These varieties are often more acidic than Texas fruit due to the acidity in the soil. The sandy soil common to Florida are less fertile, resulting in a less vibrant flavor. 

California Grapefruit

Like those grown in Florida, California grapefruits can either be pink , white or red. These grapefruit are known for higher levels of naringin, the stuff that gives grapefruit a sour taste. In general, California grapefruit will be more tart than sweet. This is largely due to the cooler temperatures and acidic soil.

What Makes Texas Grapefruit Special?

The subtropical climate and fertile soil found in Texas make it a perfect place to grow delicious fruit like the Texas  red grapefruit. These fruits are grown in the summer, meaning they receive an abundance of ripening sunshine.

The low acidity found in the fruit give them a sweet juicy flavor, and their thin skin allows rain water to enter the fruit and create the sugars that make it surprisingly sweet

Texas grapefruit are known for their abundance of Vitamin A and lycopene, making them a particularly healthy snack. Usually, you can tell the quality of a Texas grapefruit by the scars on the outside of the fruit. The more wind scars, the wetter the fruit.

If anything is certain about Texas grapefruit, its growers like Winter Sweetz maintain a reputation built on high standards and amazing fruit.

Winter Sweetz Delicious Texas Red Grapefruit

At Winter Sweetz, we pride ourselves on the incredibly high standards of our grapefruit. Our red Texas grapefruit are some of the sweetest, juiciest grapefruits on the market, and, while we are currently in the offseason, we’ll be back in the fall with a fresh supply of our amazing fruit.

Keep up with Winter Sweetz to be the first to know when our grapefruit are available again!

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