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A Ripening Market: How Are Grapefruit Sales Expected to Grow in the Coming Years?

When it comes to deciding which items you want to sell in your store, you may consider a few areas, such as demand and projected market statistics. This information can be a massive help in your decision-making process.

Sometimes, you must narrow your decision down to a specific product, like determining which variety of red grapefruits you want to sell. Follow along with your grapefruit growers as we take a dive into the grapefruit market and how it can affect Rio Red grapefruit sales so you can decide how to stock your shelves!

How Much Is the Grapefruit Market Expected to Grow in the Next Four Years?

At a 3.8% rate increase, the grapefruit market is projected to do well in the next few years. Back in 2018, the grapefruit market was valued at just under $8,000, and it’s expected to grow to $11,000 in just four years. 

Why Is the Grapefruit Market Growing?

The grapefruit market is projected to grow based on two main factors: increased awareness of health benefits and increased demand.

Health Benefits

Many people are learning about the amazing health benefits of grapefruits. Not only is Rio Red grapefruit tasty, but it’s also an incredibly healthy piece of fruit. With low calories and sugar and numerous vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, the grapefruit is truly a cut above the rest

Market Demand

Increased demand for fresh grapefruit is also expected to impact market growth. But the demand also extends into a need for grapefruit to be used in food, beverages, and other grapefruit-based products like grapefruit extract. While it’s not a fresh source, grapefruit extract is an excellent opportunity to further the grapefruit market. 

What Factors Are Holding the Grapefruit Market Back?

Only one thing is expected to keep the grapefruit market from achieving mind-blowing success: the government’s regulations on the consumption and production of fresh grapefruit and grapefruit-based products like grapefruit juice. 

What Does This Mean for Grocers?

Grocers can use the growing market as a sign to snatch up fresh grapefruit. It’s wise to stock the grocery shelves with an increasingly demanding product and meet your customers’ needs! This will also help further expand the grapefruit market and boost overall sales of the fruit.

While you could also stock up on other grapefruit-containing products like grapefruit juice or essence of grapefruit, fresh grapefruit will always be in higher demand.

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With increased demand and health awareness, grapefruit sales are projected to get a boost in the next few years! This makes it a great opportunity for grocery store owners to get in on the action and sell fresh grapefruit.

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