A Friend in Need of Winter Sweetz? Two Pointers on Shipping Winter Sweetz to Your Loved Ones

Every year we work tirelessly to deliver the mouthwatering Winter Sweetz Texas Red grapefruits to a store near you. In a perfect world, a never ending supply of our Winter Sweetz grapefruits would be in every store in America.

Sadly, though, we know not everyone has had the pleasure of trying some of our famously fresh tasting Texas red grapefruits. But there’s still hope.

If you’re looking for a way to get your friends and families some delicious Winter Sweetz, there’s a simple solution – the postal service. If you know someone that loves or wants to try our product, and lives in an area where we aren’t available, you can do them a huge favor and mail them a box of Texas red deliciousness. Believe us. They’ll thank you for it.

That being said, here are a few tips on how you can do your part to recruit others to our grapefruit revolution.

First, Check to See if You Can Ship Produce in Your State

Before you finally make the decision to send off the grapefruits (while also fighting off the urge to keep them for yourself), you’ve got to make sure you are able to mail produce in your state. Not only your state but also the state of the recipient.

In order to do so, you’ve got to make a few phone calls.

First, call your local county extension office. You’ll need to speak with the extension officer about mailing out your grapefruit, whether it is in your state or out of it. You can find your local county extension office here.

Sometimes, however, the county extension agent may not have a comprehensive list of all the prohibited produce for particular states. If that happens, don’t fret. Usually, you’ll be referred to the State Department of Agriculture located in the state that you are looking to ship your grapefruit.

Trust us. This isn’t a step you want to skip. Failure to check could mean that those delicious segmentz could be confiscated by the long arm of the law. If not that, introducing grapefruits to an unfamiliar area could also disrupt the local ecosystem.

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Next, Packing Your Produce for the Parcel Service

You’ve got the okay from the department. Now what? It’s time to pack up the grapefruit for the trip to their new home.

You normally don’t want to send squishy, ripe fruits or vegetables in the mail. They can easily get destroyed while in transit. Lucky for us, Winter Sweetz is grown under the harsh weather conditions of southern Texas, where strong winds make the peel tough, so you don’t really have to worry about that.

Just because the peels are tough, however, doesn’t mean that you should throw your grapefruit into a box, close it up with duct tape, and call it a day. While the peel is tough, it isn’t bulletproof. You’ll want to wrap the grapefruit in plastic wrap and line the inside of the box with bubble wrap. This gives your fruit protection, just in case the box they are in takes a tumble while in transit.

Once the grapefruit is all nice and cozy, close the box, seal it with packing tape, and off to the post office we go, right? Well, not so fast. Make sure that you are mailing the package early on in the week, like on a Monday or Tuesday. Mailing the package early on in the week ensures that it won’t sit in a warehouse during the weekend.

Once you are at the parcel service provider, opt-in for shipping your package overnight or by priority mail. This ensures that the recipient receives the package sooner with fresher fruit. Be sure to relay the expected date of arrival to the person you are mailing the package to.

Spread the Love of Winter Sweetz Grapefruit to Your Friends and Family Through the Magic of the Postal Service.

We promise to continue to work hard to deliver Winter Sweetz Texas Red grapefruit to as many stores as possible, but don’t miss out on sharing these yearly treats with those you love.

If you’re looking to make real change, join us in the trenches of our grapefruit revolution, and tell your grocer to contact us for delivery at (956) 424-7775 today.

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