6 Amazing Alternative Uses For Grapefruit That Will Excite You For The New Season

Sometimes innovation can come at the most unexpected of times.

As the new fall season begins on September 22nd, the Winter Sweetz crew is back at it, brewing up tons of creative ways to bring the sweet taste of our Texas red grapefruits into other aspects of your life.

And believe us, the results are stunning.

1. Grapefruit Is Becoming A Popular Soap Ingredient

It’s no secret that grapefruit is healthy for you, but did you know that it can be used as an antibacterial?

The seed extract found in the seeds, pulp, and grapefruit membrane is known to kill bacteria.

It can be the perfect addition to homemade soap, leaving your skin clean with that crisp, citrus-scent of fresh grapefruit.

2. Grapefruit Juice Can Make An Excellent Exfoliating Scrub

Soap making aside, grapefruit goes great with other simple ingredients to make an effective skin care product.

One stellar exfoliating scrub can be made by mixing about a cup of fresh grapefruit juice with some granulated sugar and a little bit of olive oil. The juice will tighten up and tone your skin while the sugar softly exfoliates.

Not to mention, it will leave your skin smelling fantastic!

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3. Replace Dryer Sheets with Grapefruit Spray

When grapefruit juice squeezed fresh from a Winter Sweetz grapefruit is mixed with equal parts of distilled water in a spray bottle, it can be used to spritz on clean linens, towels, clothes and/or curtains too.

When the water evaporates, a small amount of grapefruit residue is left behind, leaving your laundry smelling like a delicious Texas red.

It doesn’t even have to be distilled water. Mixing up grapefruit juice with fresh orange juice can also leave interesting scents behind on your laundry.

Leave your senses refreshed and your laundry smelling amazing.

4. Forget Air Fresheners! Try Grapefruit Instead!

Think of the money that you will be saving instead of buying expensive candles or those pricey oil plug-in refills. You can get the same effect with some grapefruit and a saucepan.

Mix a cup of fresh grapefruit juice with half a cup of water in a saucepan and heat it up to a simmer on the stove.

The scent emitted from the saucepan can waft away any stale smells from your home or bring in a fresh start to a new home.

5. Grapefruit Can Be A Beautiful Thing Too

What makes a better housewarming gift than home decor that compels the eye and draws attention.

If you’ve ever attended a wedding, you may have seen a beautiful floral arrangement with slices of orange or lemon inside of the vase. We wouldn’t advise on placing slices of grapefruit within the vase as the acidity will decrease the life of the flowers.

But if you have a larger vase, you can layer thin slices of grapefruit along the inner side, then place the vase full of fresh flowers within the larger vase.

The grapefruit slices offer an enticing aesthetic quality to the transparent vase, replacing a boring view of stems in water with vibrant ruby reds and oranges.

The citrus/fresh flower scent combo will also welcome and surprise your guests. A two for one kind of deal. That’s a ton of value!

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6. Grapefruit As A Pet Repellant

For anyone that may have house pets, you know exactly how annoying it can be when Mittens or Viscount Mortimer Esquire III—hey, we don’t judge—dig into your houseplants.

After eating your Winter Sweetz Texas red, don’t just throw away the rind.

If you bury the rind in the soil around the plants, it can discourage animals—mainly cats—from digging up those precious chrysanthemums because they hate the citrus smell.

Furthermore, the rinds will break down into a fertilizer, offering more nutrients that will help your plants grow strong.

Another two for one!

Are You Ready For The Winter Sweetz Season To Begin? We Know We Are!

It’s almost that time for Winter Sweetz to be delivered to stores, so ask your local produce manager to order Winter Sweetz before the season starts.

And retail partners, don’t forget to join the Grapefruit Revolution! Contact our sales team today and see why Winter Sweetz is quickly becoming the go-to for sweet, tasty grapefruit.

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